I have created this blog to attempt to help those with chronic pain and depression. Sisyphus was a mythological figure sentenced to roll a stone uphill for eternity. In this way, I intend to approach chronic pain and depression as constant foes that must be your constant focus. Photo courtesy http://akrockefeller.com/blog/tibetan-autonomy-a-futile-odyssey/

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I struggled yesterday with arthritis symptoms.  It was probably the worst I have felt since the Regenexx procedure, although nowhere near what it was prior to it.

This frustrated me and managed to put me in a very bad mood all day.  This is my typical reaction when things don't go as I want, and something that has held me back throughout my life.

The thing is, this isn't how nature works.  And, we are part of nature.

Nothing  observable in nature.....

Photo courtesy Alfonso Salgueiro Lora, Flickr Commons

                                                                          ......is linear.

Photo courtesy George Moga, Flickr Commons

 Everything in nature takes a path of least resistance.  This isn't because it is inherently lazy.  It is because the shortest path to a destination, or even to healing, is not a straight line.  Nature knows this.  Water knows that traveling in a straight line from point A to point B requires much more energy, than traveling along level and decreasing contours.  

We are not exempt from the laws of nature.  Every day is not going to be linearly better, healthier than the previous day.  It is when we decide that we know better than nature what we should do that we run into problems.  When we allow ourselves to adapt to nature's will, we can avoid setback and frustration.

When we accept what is, and allow ourselves to flow with the path of least resistance toward our destination, we can accomplish so much more than if we smash through barriers that should rather be avoided.
Photo courtesy Ding Zhou, Flickr Commons, http://dingzhouphoto.com

By accepting what is, today, we can discover more about ourselves and our purpose.  We can allow ourselves to heal and improve, physically, mentally, spiritually, by simply being present with where we are.  We can discover God's plan for us, rather than decide what our plan should be.

Photo courtesy Tim Geers, Wikimedia Commons

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