I have created this blog to attempt to help those with chronic pain and depression. Sisyphus was a mythological figure sentenced to roll a stone uphill for eternity. In this way, I intend to approach chronic pain and depression as constant foes that must be your constant focus. Photo courtesy http://akrockefeller.com/blog/tibetan-autonomy-a-futile-odyssey/

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Keep looking up

"There's a reason why this prison is the worst hell on earth... Hope. Every man who has ventured here over the centuries has looked up to the light and imagined climbing to freedom. So easy... So simple... And like shipwrecked men turning to sea water from uncontrollable thirst, many have died trying. I learned here that there can be no true despair without hope."

~ Bane explaining The Pit to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises

Photo courtesy  Flickr Commons

How many times have we seen the light and turned our faces down in despair? Our only choice is hope. Faith can pull you through. 

We must never, ever let go. So often in life, we are almost out of the pit when we fall back to the bottom. Day by day, thought by thought....you can be free. Hope can overcome despair.

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