I have created this blog to attempt to help those with chronic pain and depression. Sisyphus was a mythological figure sentenced to roll a stone uphill for eternity. In this way, I intend to approach chronic pain and depression as constant foes that must be your constant focus. Photo courtesy http://akrockefeller.com/blog/tibetan-autonomy-a-futile-odyssey/

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hello all.  It has been a while since I have posted.  It dawned on me that I should document my journey for the benefit of everyone reading this blog.

It is funny, in a way.  It is when you realize that you are back to dwelling on work issues, not being able to lift as much weight as you like or exercise as much as you want, etc., that you must be getting past a health issue that prohibited you from giving thought to any of these issues.

Over the weekend, we went to the Christmas tree farm to mark our tree for cutting.  As I walked up the hill, I had a bit of knee pain and felt the immediate reaction to be depressed, then remembered last year, working up the will to force myself to do the same while limping on a cane.  The effort last year was all I could handle for the entire day.

 It is all about perspective.  You can be in pain and still be functional. 

Here is a video of me recently regaining the ability to do double unders, which is where you jump rope while swinging the rope twice under your feet.  It keeps getting better and better.